What material is better for a toilet?

Material: The ceramic toilet is made by mixing, forming, and high-temperature firing clay or other inorganic substances, with a water absorption rate of ≤ 0.5%. Ceramic toilets are glazed ceramic products. Ceramic sanitary ware has the characteristics of clean white texture, soft color, bright glaze, strong impermeability, beautiful appearance, good decoration, and easy cleaning. Artificial marble toilet seat, artificial marble (agate) toilet is made of unsaturated polyester resin as adhesive, stone powder and stone slag as filling materials. When the unsaturated polyester resin solidly and uniformly adheres the stone slag and stone powder together during the curing process, it forms a hard artificial marble (agate). Artificial marble (agate) is relatively easy to form various types of sanitary ware with complex shapes and multiple curved surfaces, such as bathtubs, washbasins, toilets, etc. Artificial marble (agate) sanitary ware has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, richness, smooth surface, bright color, diverse patterns, small deformation, acid and alkali resistance, and stain resistance. The fiberglass toilet is made of thermosetting unsaturated polyester resin or epoxy resin as bonding materials, glass fiber and fabric as reinforcing materials, and is hand layed, sprayed into a model, and molded. Fiberglass sanitary ware has the characteristics of elegant design, comfortable body feel, bright color, high strength, small quality, water and heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, durability, convenient installation and transportation, and simple maintenance.

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