The 9 Toilet Seats That Will Make Your Bathroom Experience Blissful


You probably don’t think much about your toilet seat—until it starts wiggling, slamming, or just isn’t comfortable. The truth is, your toilet seat has a bigger impact on your daily experience than you realize.

What if I told you there are toilet seats that can transform your bathroom into an oasis of comfort and style?

After researching hundreds of options, Popular Mechanics found the 9 best toilet seats that provide superior comfort, durability and features like bidets, soft close lids, and heated seats.

From high-tech bidet seats to ultra-padded options, these seats will make you want to linger in the bathroom. The Kohler Brevia provides contoured comfort and a secure fit for any toilet. The Mayfair soft toilet seat offers thick padding for an ultra-plush experience. And the BioBidet Bliss brings smart bidet functions like a heated seat, warm water sprays and an automatic deodorizer.

The toilet seat you never knew you needed…

Did you know the average person spends nearly a year of their life on the toilet? Yet most of us rarely think about our toilet seat—until it starts getting wiggly or uncomfortable. The truth is, your toilet seat has a huge impact on your experience in the bathroom.

There are now toilet seats that provide extra padding, contour to your body, automatically clean you, or even heat up. Popular Mechanics tested dozens of options and found the 9 best toilet seats that will transform your bathroom experience.

Some of their top picks include:
– A cushioned seat with thick padding for extra comfort
– An ergonomic seat that contours to your body for the perfect fit
– A bidet seat that provides a customized clean with the push of a button
– A quiet close seat that slowly and silently closes the lid to avoid slamming

No matter your needs or budget, these seats will upgrade your bathroom experience. Your tush will thank you!

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