Does Using a Toilet Seat Cover Actually Protect You?


We’ve all seen those flimsy toilet seat covers in public restrooms and wondered – do these things actually work? The truth may surprise you.

According to experts, toilet seats themselves are not major germ carriers and in general, are quite clean. However, if the seat is visibly dirty or you have an open wound, it’s best to use a cover.

To properly use a cover:

1. Grab a seat cover from the dispenser.

2. Rip off the 3 joints connecting the middle flap before placing it on the seat. This allows the flap to fall into the bowl.

3. Place the cover so the flap points into the toilet and the outer ring covers the entire seat.

4. Once done, simply flush to dispose of the cover.

The material toilet seat covers are made of breaks down in water, so no need to remove it.

While toilet seat covers can provide some protection, frequently washing your hands, avoiding contact with surfaces when leaving the restroom and using hand sanitizer provide even better defense against germs.


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