The Mystery of Mike and the Toilet Lid

On an ordinary weekend, Mike is enjoying his leisure time at home. Suddenly, he felt a surge of urgency and hurriedly ran towards the bathroom. However, when he opened the door, he found something flickering on the toilet seat lid.


Mike approached the toilet seat curiously and found it to be a small metal device with some mysterious symbols engraved on it. He tried to touch it, and suddenly, the toilet seat let out a deep buzzing sound, then slowly rose, revealing a hidden compartment below.


There was an old notebook in the dark compartment, and Mike carefully opened it to find some strange experiments and formulas recorded inside. He flipped over to a page that read, “The secret of a toilet lid can only be unlocked by true warriors.”


Mike was shocked by this discovery and decided to unravel the mystery. He collected some materials according to the recipe in his notebook and began the experiment. After several failures, he finally succeeded in creating a mysterious liquid.


He poured the liquid into the toilet and then closed the toilet lid. Suddenly, the toilet began to shake violently, and a powerful force bounced the toilet lid open. Mike nervously stared at the toilet and noticed a vortex inside, as if trying to suck him in.


Mike mustered up his courage and jumped into the vortex. He found himself in a mysterious world with advanced technology and strange creatures. He met a mysterious mentor there, who told him that he was the chosen warrior and only he could save the world.


After a series of adventures and challenges, Mike successfully found a way to save the world. However, on his way back to the real world, he suddenly realized that he had forgotten something important.

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