Did you know that over 90% of people misuse toilet seat covers?

Every time you use a public restroom, you are in danger. Public toilets may harbor dangerous bacteria and bacteria. Toilet seat covers may seem like a simple solution, but most people don’t know how to use them correctly.
The following are the key steps for safe use of toilet seats:
1. Choose the cleanest toilet. Check each compartment and select the cleanest toilet.
2. Release the middle flip cover. Pinch the connector that connects the middle flip and outer edge, release it while maintaining the back connection. This allows the lids to be arranged in front of the bowl.
3. Place the lid backwards. Place the seat cover on the seat with the back facing forward. This ensures that the middle flap falls into the bowl.
4. Adjust the seat. Ensure that the seat cover is completely aligned with the seat and that you are sitting in the middle. Avoid skin contact with the actual toilet seat.
5. Handle the lid properly. Throw the used lid into the bowl and rinse it away. Do not reuse the lid.
The correct use of toilet seats is crucial for the health and safety of public restrooms. By following these steps, the next time nature summons in an unfamiliar place, you will reduce the risk of infection.
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