Toilet lid introduction and method of replacing the toilet lid

The type of toilet lid and the method of replacing the toilet lid are described. The toilet lid plays a role in preventing odors and bacteria in daily life. How to fix a broken toilet lid? There are many types and models of toilet seats. When changing the toilet lid, first understand the type and type of toilet lid in your home. The different methods of changing the toilet lid are different. The type and type of toilet cover are different. Introduced the method of the cover.

Type of toilet cover: 1. Applicable Toilet Cover: Unique child cleaning and automatic cleaning – Compared to traditional toilet lids, it has a unique child cleansing softness and water flow that allows children to use it comfortably. The fully automatic cleaning function is designed for the elderly and those with reduced mobility, enabling them to live a more comfortable and convenient life. 2. Clean water toilet cover: equipped with a water filter and a spiral nozzle, no longer worry about tank fouling and nozzle blockage. 3. The size of the toilet lid: Of course, there is no standard size toilet lid, because the size of the toilet itself does not use the standard; the toilet installed at home does not look at the size of the toilet; the key is the pit distance, that is, the distance between the center of the toilet sewer and the wall This is the key point and foundation for choosing your toilet. The pit spacing is usually between 30 and 50 cm, so the size of the toilet can be calculated.

How to replace the toilet cover: 1. Locate the nut, remove it with a removable hand, and replace it with a new one. In general, the position of the nut is not easy to find, some are bright and some are in the dark. In the dark, the lid is opened on the side of the toilet tank. If you touch it with your hand and touch it up towards the water tank, you should be able to touch it, but you can’t see it. 2. When replacing the toilet cover, you can remove the fixing bolts at the rear of the toilet; when installing, you can operate in the opposite direction. Most toilet covers are available in a variety of sizes, so adjust the two bolts during installation. However, it is also necessary to measure the size, screw hole pitch, toilet cover width and length, and then purchase a new toilet cover for replacement. 3. Different types of toilet lids are installed differently. Typically, the bottom of the toilet lid is attached to the toilet. The back of the toilet lid is tightened. As long as you stretch down and find the screws on both sides, you can remove the entire cover. this is very simple. You can have a try.

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