Do Toilet Seat Covers Really Work? The Answer May Surprise You.

  We’ve all seen them in public restrooms—those thin, flimsy sheets of paper that claim to create a “sanitary barrier” between you and the toilet seat. But do toilet seat covers actually work? And are they even necessary? A new article explores the truth about toilet seat covers and provides some useful tips for getting […]

Does Using a Toilet Seat Cover Actually Protect You?

  We’ve all seen those flimsy toilet seat covers in public restrooms and wondered – do these things actually work? The truth may surprise you. According to experts, toilet seats themselves are not major germ carriers and in general, are quite clean. However, if the seat is visibly dirty or you have an open wound, […]

The Potty Training Hack No One Told You About

  Do you dread taking your toddler to public restrooms? Are you worried they’ll slip right into the toilet or refuse to go at all? There’s a simple solution no one told you about. Introducing the CHUANGSHI Toilet Seat Cover. This innovative seat cover makes potty training on-the-go fun and hassle-free. Its cute frog design […]

The Mystery of Mike and the Toilet Lid

On an ordinary weekend, Mike is enjoying his leisure time at home. Suddenly, he felt a surge of urgency and hurriedly ran towards the bathroom. However, when he opened the door, he found something flickering on the toilet seat lid.   Mike approached the toilet seat curiously and found it to be a small metal […]

wood toilet seat lid

I recently purchased a brand wooden toilet seat cover and would like to share my experience with you. The first impression I got was that it has a simple and stylish appearance, giving a sense of returning to nature. Sitting on it, I could feel the unique rustic texture of the wood, adding a touch […]

how to install

Installation steps for toilet seat cover Installing the toilet seat cover is a relatively simple task that only requires following the steps below. Firstly, open the packaging of the toilet lid and confirm if it contains the required accessories and tools. Then, clean the toilet seat to ensure it is clean and dust-free. Next, align […]

wooden toilet seat lid

Detailed explanation of the advantages and installation steps of wooden toilet seats The toilet seat cover is an indispensable part of the bathroom, providing a comfortable sitting and lying experience while also isolating odors and protecting the toilet. Among various materials of toilet covers, wooden toilet covers are favored due to their unique advantages. This […]

custom toilet seat lid

Fujian Chuangshi Sanitary Co., Ltd. is a specialized factory in manufacturing, producing, and exporting bathroom toilet seat covers. Our company is situated in the historic and culturally rich city of Quanzhou, Fujian Province, which is conveniently located near the National Highway 324, offering excellent transportation connections. Spanning nearly 22,000 square meters, Chuangshi Company is home […]

Fujian Chuangshi Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd

Fujian Chuangshi Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. places a strong emphasis on sustainability and credibility. We adhere to environmentally-friendly production methods to guarantee the eco-friendliness and pollution-free nature of our products. We address the issue of underestimating this impact through various practical approaches. First and foremost, we are dedicated to designing products with enhanced durability, utilizing […]

Benefits of using resin toilet covers

Resin bathroom toilet lid, as the name suggests, is a substance that makes the bathroom toilet lid sticky. In today’s era, this new type of toilet lid material is eye-catching. It is not only attractive but also transparent and beautiful, with many benefits, which have great use for our lives. Firstly, the resin material bathroom […]

The Benefits of Using a Toilet Lid

With the progress of electronic technology and the improvement of human civilization, the bathroom cover has uniformly enhanced some necessary new technologies and materials.The use of toilet covers not only improves the comfort of the bathroom, but also plays a certain role in protecting natural resources, cleaning and hygiene, and epidemic prevention. This project will […]

A Practical Guide to Choosing PP Toilet Covers

With the occupation of feature of growth, to a greater extent society are obey to the comfort and cleanliness of toilets. Among bureaucracy, PP bathroom covers have happened popular by many family on account of their wonderful accomplishment and expansive request. So, by means of what do you select a appropriate PP bathroom cover? The […]

Benefits of long-term use of wooden toilet covers

The Advantages and Precautions of Universal Use: Wooden Bathroom Covers Make Their First Appearance With the Growth of Public Occupations, Wooden Bathroom Covers Uniformly Enhance the Popularity of Home Decoration. The wooden toilet lid not only gives a simple and bright feeling and a clean and comfortable atmosphere, but also features thoughtful environmental colors, environmental […]

What material is better for a toilet?

Material: The ceramic toilet is made by mixing, forming, and high-temperature firing clay or other inorganic substances, with a water absorption rate of ≤ 0.5%. Ceramic toilets are glazed ceramic products. Ceramic sanitary ware has the characteristics of clean white texture, soft color, bright glaze, strong impermeability, beautiful appearance, good decoration, and easy cleaning. Artificial […]